Splendid is a faux suede fabric that looks and feels like lamb skin gloves. The surface is a lush blend of acrylic and nylon with a brushed finish that resembles suede leather.  The backing is a polyester and cotton blend. Splendid has the softness and pliability of real suede, but without the pores that can cause real suede to attract dirt or absorb liquids. Splendid is extremely durable—much stronger than real suede. It is resistant to stains and liquid, and can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. Splendid is suitable for use in commercial and residential settings, and will make up beautifully on sofas, chairs, pillows and accent pieces. It is available in a large selection of spectacular colors.

Suitable Applications: Commercial

See below the available colors for this pattern. Click a color to see a larger image or to order a sample.

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