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Jun 01, 2020

Sta-Kleen Family of Coated Fabrics – Now More Than Ever

One aspect in the fight against the coronavirus is the cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces including furniture upholstery in commercial settings, especially in healthcare environments. Products in the Sta-Kleen family of coated fabrics, including Sta-Kleen Performance (polyurethane), Sta-Kleen PC (polycarbonate), and Sta-Kleen Silicone (silicone),  are often specified because they are strong, durable and cleanable.


All Sta-Kleen products are engineered to withstand chemical disinfectants used in commercial settings such as healthcare, workplaces, public spaces, and social spaces. These settings are now waging war against dangerous pathogens especially in highly trafficked and touched areas. The primary method of combating pathogens are cleaning regimens that utilize very strong chemical disinfectants. These cleaners are designed to be used on hard surfaces, but end up being used on almost all surfaces, including furniture upholstery. The result is that over time repeated cleanings cause some coated fabric products to breakdown usually by delamination of the surface layer. The Sta-Kleen family of products was developed to stand up to commonly used quaternary, phenol, and ammonia-based chemical cleaners.


All Sta-Kleen products have a superior stain-resistant surface that is readily and easily cleaned.  Having a surface that can be easily cleaned reduces the chance of people coming into contact with pathogens because pathogens will not penetrate the product’s surface.


Kaiser Permanente, the nation’s largest integrated health care provider and not-for-profit healthcare plan, banned antimicrobial-treated furniture, and fabrics in its facilities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found no evidence to suggest these antimicrobial products offer any enhanced protection from the spread of bacteria and germs, and that proper cleaning and hand washing are the best ways to prevent infection. Sta-Kleen products do not contain antimicrobial chemicals yet they pass industry tests for mildew and bacterial resistance.


More and more healthcare facilities are incorporating UV-C radiation as part of their cleaning protocol. UV light disinfection has proved to be an extremely effective method to disinfect surfaces against harmful microorganisms. The UV light used in disinfection is high-energy, pulsed Xenon ultraviolet light, known as UV-C. This UV-C radiation could have a damaging effect on surfaces over time. All Sta-Kleen products have passed the Colorfastness to Light test at a rating higher than the standard set by the Association of Contract Textiles (ACT), which means that their ability to withstand UC-C disinfection protocols is significant.


Stand up to harsh stains, chemical disinfectants and proven alternative cleaning protocols with the gorgeous patterns, colors and textures found in the Sta-Kleen family of products. Choose from eye-catching or understated designs and colors, with metallic or matte finishes, to create unbeatably tough interiors with unsurpassed styles.


All Sta-Keen family of products are compliant with the following environmental, green building, and material reporting standards:



RoHS 2.0

LEED v4 and LEED MR Credit 5

CA Section 01350 VOC Emissions

Health Product Declaration (HPD)

Healthier Hospitals Initiative (HHI)


All the patterns in each Sta-Kleen family collection can be viewed and free samples ordered here:


Sta-Kleen Performance -

Sta-Kleen PC -

Sta-Kleen Silicone -


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