NetZERO – Contains Zero Chemical Solvents

NetZERO employs an exclusive ZERO solvent technology for advanced polymers that has been years in the making. NetZERO is the first coated textile that contains ZERO organic solvents—and the first hydro-based polymer with performance specs that exceed industry standards.

The hydro-based manufacturing process eliminates the use of solvents and is proprietary to The Mitchell Group. This performance textile is exclusive to us for upholstery end-use. It provides a superior hand and is the ultimate in softness and comfort.

Simplified Process - We’ve eliminated solvents and reduced energy use by at least 50%.

Environmentally Friendly - Since no solvents are used in our proprietary manufacturing process, any wastewater produced can be recycled.

Superior Properties - Exclusive new I00% polyester textile gives NetZERO a remarkably soft and supple hand while providing superior performance.

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