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Jun 03, 2024

Mitchell Introduces NetZERO

The Mitchell Group Debuts NetZERO: the Industry’s First Water-based Coated Fabric Made with ZERO Chemical Solvents

CHICAGO – June 2024 – After several years in research and development, The Mitchell Group is excited to announce the launch of NetZERO, an all-new sustainable polymer textile platform realized in a polyurethane synthetic leather format. NetZERO is the market’s first water-based polymer and boasts exceptional performance attributes that surpass industry standards for coated textiles. NetZERO styles are designed and engineered for a variety of coated upholstery applications, including healthcare, hospitality, contract, and other commercial segments.

With NetZERO’s debut comes Evergreen, the first pattern to launch from the new polyester textile platform. Available in 23 fresh and vibrant colors created with water-based dyes, Evergreen is a workhorse pattern that features an exclusive new triple-brushed texture that is ultrasoft, supple, and exceptionally durable, ensuring a variety of options for design and application.

“NetZERO is the first fabric solution in the marketplace for synthetic leather crafted without using any organic solvents,” said Bill Fisch, president of The Mitchell Group. “As the latest addition to our line of coated fabrics, we’re proud to be able to offer this environmentally friendly, responsibly manufactured commercial upholstery. We are excited to lead the industry by being able to do more — with less.”

NetZERO is manufactured through simplified sustainable production processes that reduce energy usage by 50%. Because no solvents are present and no toxic byproducts are created during its manufacturing, the water used in NetZERO’s production can be recycled and used again. Despite representing the latest innovations and leadership in sustainability within the commercial fabric industry, NetZERO is similarly positioned in pricing to other coated polyurethane fabrics.

“We believe that designers and facility management personnel shouldn’t have to pay a premium for sustainable features,” added Fisch. “That is why we have done our due diligence and put in the time to introduce the market to a better product at a better price point.”

While NetZERO styles are on par with current polyurethane fabrics in terms of pricing, their performance and sustainability attributes position the new upholstery line as a competitive option for commercial specification. For commercial-grade upholstery to meet rigorous performance standards, it is common for chemicals to be added to the polymer. NetZERO’s inherent attributes, however, mean that no additional chemicals have to be integrated into its composition.

Caring for and cleaning NetZERO styles is a simple and environmentally conscious process. Because the product is dry-erasable, most stains wipe off the polyurethane synthetic leather with a dry cloth. Difficult stains disappear with a spray of alcohol, making maintenance easier and more straightforward. Under suitable care and cleaning, the special top finish is engineered to be a permanent part of the upholstery. Additionally, NetZERO boasts exceptional colorfastness.

In addition to the absence of organic solvents, both the process and the product are free of chemical flame retardants, antimicrobial additives, formaldehyde, Bisphenol A, heavy metals, phthalates, plasticizers, PVC and PFAS. All NetZERO styles are manufactured to be compliant with a variety of environmental, green building, and material reporting standards, including LEED v4, LEED MR, and the Living Building Challenge.

For more information about the NetZERO platform, Evergreen upholstery, and The Mitchell Group’s full collection of innovative commercial fabrics, visit

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