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Feb 17, 2020

Mitchell Introduces Ez-Kleen

The Mitchell Group is introducing Ez-Kleen a new brand of high-performance vinyl fabric patterns. The collection is Mitchell’s latest product offering in its faux leather collection, designed for the hospitality, healthcare, contract, and other commercial markets requiring a fabric to withstand demanding environments. All fabrics in the collection exceed the Association for Contract Textiles’ (ACT) performance standards for commercial grade upholstery.

The Ez-Kleen collection contains no phthalates, nor does it contain any flame-retardant chemicals, or anti-microbial additives and it is ink and stain-resistant.

The Ez-Kleen collection will initially consist of ten patterns:

Bowa – (12 colors) - It features a shagreen design with a smoothly pebbled texture. The off-centered, random embossing flows in a very pleasing manner, creating a very appealing design.

Coronado (15 colors) - A classic, pebbly texture with highs and lows that create visual interest. Its subtle gloss adds to the overall appeal, and the warm color palette has something for everyone.

Crete (17 colors) - Reminiscent of a woven textile, with a slightly nubby texture and a lovely two-tone effect that creates a casual, comfy look.

Eel – (5 colors) - A deeply textured pattern creates lots of surface appeal. Use it for headboards, ottomans, benches – anywhere you want to create depth and emphasize texture.

Jasper (24 colors) - A smooth, clean texture with a very subtle shimmer.

Oracle (11 colors) - A two-tone print over classic leather colors gives a timeless appeal. This pattern coordinates beautifully with woven prints.

Sedona (8 colors) - Well-worn but not quite rough, appealing and ready to take on interiors that call for a relaxed western vibe, Sedona has a unique embossing over a two-tone print.

Solana (19 colors) - With the texture and slight shimmer reminiscent of Dupioni silk, Solana will bring a quiet elegance to interiors, especially hospitality guest rooms.

Sparta (20 colors) - A gorgeous linen-like pattern with a fine embossing that makes for a subtle, sophisticated texture.

Valencia (12 colors) - Valencia boasts an interesting overall grain that has a subtle gloss that catches the light and a gorgeous two-tone print.


Jim Blesius
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