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Jun 11, 2012

The Mitchell Group Expands Its YouTube Channel With New Videos

With its own YouTube Channel, The Mitchell Group, a leading worldwide distributor of faux leather upholstery, has created a series of videos each designed to inform faux leather customers on various manufacturing processes. The videos can be seen here:

The short, informational pieces depict various manufacturing processes and how the company tests its products before bringing them to market. Mitchell plans to produce and post additional videos as it increases its visibility on YouTube.

"Faux leather is growing and has become an extremely important component of many upholstery items," says Bill Fisch, president of The Mitchell Group. "As a service to our customers, the videos will help familiarize them with the steps involved in making the product. Consequently, they'll be better able to articulate exactly what they want out of faux leather upholstery, and we'll be able to engineer products that best suit their needs."

The videos, which run for less than two minutes each, include:

--Wyzenbeek Abrasion Testing
--Water Moisture Tumbling
--Hydrolysis Testing Chamber
--Applying Embossed Pattern
--Color Fastness Testing
--Polyurethane Resin Application
--Faux Leather Film Transfer
--Water & Chemical Reclamation System
--Fabric Tumbling Process
--Coated Fabric Printing Process
--Finished Product Inspection Process
--Calendaring Process
--Embossing Process
--Printing Process


Launched in Sept., 2011, The Mitchell Group's YouTube Channel showcased "The Erasable Man" for Sta-Kleen® that re-introduced the industry's first and only dry-erase polyurethane performance fabric that enables complete erasing of marks and stains that would permanently damage other furniture upholstery. Sta-Kleen surpasses all other polyurethane fabrics, faux leathers, and vinyl upholstery in stain protection.
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