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Jan 31, 2012

Designtex Launches Extreme Performance PVC free Upholstery with Sta-Kleen Finish

Designtex is pleased to announce the addition of 10 new patterns to our Sta-Kleen offering. The Archipelago collection consists of a variety of textures ranging from animal skins to geometrics. All available in a wide range of sophisticated and playful colors that pair effortlessly with our standard upholstery collection. A diversified group of patterns named after nature's phenomenon of small island groupings, brings a unique performance story to Designtex. Sta-Kleen" is a durable built-in protective coating that protects the surface of the upholstery from ink and other challenging stains. Ink, in many cases can be simply removed by the use of a clean dry white cloth. The Archipelago Collection is the latest addition to the Designtex DNA upholstery offering.


Aggregate 3429

A cluster of imperfect circles come together in this pattern to portray the look of a leopard skin, while a smooth and shiny hand creates a sleek appeal. Aggregate is available in fifteen colorways.

Caiman 3431

Named after a tropical crocodile, Caiman beautifully replicates the symmetry and irregularities found in natural crocodile skin. Caiman is available in thirteen bright and vibrant colorways.


Estuary 3424

An Estuary is where a river's currents meet the sea's tide. This leather-like texture has a lustrous metallic finish that replicate the glistening hues when fresh and salt water come together. Estuary is available in six colorways.


Inlet 3426

This straightforward solid is the go-to choice when looking for a leather alternative. A soft hand and clean colors provide a classic appeal that will work in any high-traffic application. Inlet is available in fifteen colorways.

Niello 342

This ornamental design has the appearance of a random print on a metal surface. A slight metallic treatment further enhances the illusion of an ornate decoration. Niello is available in five natural colorways.


Ophidian 3428

As sleek and smooth as an actual snake, Ophidian resembles the elegance and symmetry commonly associated with snake skin. Ophidian is available in twelve colorways.


Palomino 3427

The thin lines in this moir" move in all directions mimicking the brushed look of a fine-haired coat. A light texture and high sheen add to the surface interest of this pattern. Palomino is available in thirteen neutral and pastel colorways.


Tide Pool 343

After the tide recedes, seawater collects to form pools which become home for many sea creatures. Tide Pool's pattern reflects the delicate yet methodical science behind this natural occurrence. Tide Pool is available in thirteen colorways.


Tombolo 3434

A tomobol is known to be a sand bar that connects islands. Here, Tombolo reflects the gritty appearance of sand in colors true to nature and the sea. A hint of metallic appears as sand glistening in the sun. Tombolo is available in twelve colorways.Type your content here...
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