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May 18, 2011

Sta-Kleen® Grows Distributors and Presence at HD Expo

Download: Sta-Kleen® Grows Distributors and Presence at HD Expo

Sta-Kleen®, the first polyurethane performance fabric that allows for complete erasing of marks and stains that permanently damage other furniture upholstery, returns to HD Expo in Las Vegas, May 18-20, with an expanded team of distributors and lively product demonstrations.

Fabricut Contract joins cf stinson, Kravet Contract, and Scott Fabrics in displaying the industry's first cleanable and erasable faux leather upholstery at the expo. Each distributor will feature Sta-Kleen in informative and interactive presentations at their booths. cf stinson will be at booth 5319, Fabricut Contract at booth 2414, Kravet Contract at booth 4220, and Scott Fabrics at booth 5125. The demonstrations are in coordination with Sta-Kleen developer The Mitchell Group, Niles, Ill.

"Our network of fine distributors is key to educating the design world about how Sta-Kleen has revolutionized faux leather upholstery with its designer good looks and superior stain resistance," said Bill Fisch, president of The Mitchell Group.

Show attendees can participate in the "Now You See It.Now You Don't" presentation throughout the first two days of the expo. The demonstrations encourage audience members to test the erasability of the performance upholstery and see its high-end aesthetic appeal first-hand. The Erasable Man, the brand's personified icon, conducts the fun interactive sessions on his Sta-Kleen jacket.

"We really want design professionals to see the performance of this faux leather in action," said Fisch. "Once they see the demonstration, they will understand how ideal Sta-Kleen is for high-traffic hospitality applications."

Sta-Kleen is the industry's first truly erasable urethane performance fabric with built-in resistance to damage from tough stains. Most persistent stains like those made by permanent marker, ballpoint pen, yellow mustard, and Betadine® antiseptic that stain conventional faux leather upholstery can be dry-erased from Sta-Kleen with a cloth. Ghost stains are easily removed with household rubbing alcohol.

The performance fabric's unique erasability feature is a permanent part of the upholstery that protects furniture for as long as it lasts. Repeated cleaning does not damage or diminish the surface in any way. Sta-Kleen is also highly abrasion-resistant, easily exceeding 100,000 cycles of the Wyzenbeek test.

Sta-Kleen is available in a wide array of contemporary colors and patterns, all with the hand of real leather. In addition to superior stain resistance, it is anti-bacterial for healthier indoor environments.

As the premier source for superior faux leathers, exotic skins, luxurious solids, and textured performance fabrics, The Mitchell Group supplies the contract market with the finest in polyurethane and vinyl upholstery for high-traffic applications. The company serves the hospitality, healthcare, office interior, marine and other institutional segments with Sta-Kleen, the industry's first cleanable urethane upholstery, and other innovative products.
by The Mitchell Group
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