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May 19, 2010

Sta-Kleen Revolutionizes Durability of High Traffic Furnishings

Download: Sta-Kleen Revolutionizes Durability of High Traffic Furnishings

Sta-Kleen®, the industry's first truly erasable polyurethane performance fabric that enables complete erasing of marks and stains, revolutionizes maintenance and furniture replacement cycles in hospitality, healthcare, office interior, marine and institutional environments while offering the high-end appeal designers demand.

Perfect for high-traffic commercial environments, Sta-Kleen® is the first faux leather that withstands repeated cleanings with no damage to the urethane fabric, reducing maintenance time and expense, and extending furniture life. Marks and stains that would permanently damage other furniture upholstery or reduce its cleanability are easily removed from Sta-Klee® in most cases with a dry cloth.

"Sta-Kleen® is a true revolution in faux leather," said Bill Fisch, president of The Mitchell Group. "In addition to being stain resistant, this performance fabric has the hand of real leather and the anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties that are so important in healthcare and hospitality settings." When covered with Sta-Kleen®, furniture in hotel rooms, restaurants, lobbies, examination rooms and other high-traffic areas won't wear out or dull with repeated cleaning.

The highly durable high-style urethane upholstery lasts as long as the furniture, making it ideal for cruise ships, casinos and other heavy-use applications. Frequent cleaning won't degrade the fabric in any way because of a proprietary bonding process that makes it impermeable to stains. Sta-Kleen® is also highly abrasion-resistant and easily exceeds 100,000 cycles.

For day-to-day clean-up of Sta-Kleen®, a mild soap-and-water solution is all that's required to remove dirt and smudges. And many persistent stains like permanent marker, ballpoint pen, tough food stains like mustard, and Betadine® and other topical antiseptics can be dry-erased with a clean cloth.

"A little rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth or sponge will easily remove any ghost stain that might remain," said Fisch. Sta-Kleen® is also the first erasable faux leather upholstery with a hand that feels like real leather. It is available in hundreds of colors and soft and supple patterns that give designers freedom to bring their vision to reality. 

As the premier source for superior faux leathers, exotic skins, luxurious solids, and textured performance fabrics, The Mitchell Group supplies the contract market with the finest in lead-free polyurethane and vinyl upholstery for high-traffic applications. The company serves the hospitality, healthcare, office interior, marine and other institutional market segments with Sta-KleenT, the industry's first truly cleanable urethane upholstery, and other innovative products.

by The Mitchell Group
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