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Apr 20, 2010

The Mitchell Group is the Exclusive Source for Sta-Kleen®, the Industry's First Dry-Erase Urethane Upholstery

Download: The Mitchell Group is the Exclusive Source for Sta-Kleen®, the Industry's First Dry-Erase Urethane Upholstery

The Mitchell Group is a premier source for unique faux leathers, exotic skin looks, luxurious solids, and performance textures - all in superior lead-free polyurethane and vinyl fabrics. Based in suburban Chicago, the company sells its products nationwide to the contract hospitality, healthcare, office interior, marine and retail furniture markets through approved distributors and retailers.

Co-founded by Bill Fisch and Ann Brunett, The Mitchell Group offers a variety of faux leather collections including Sta-Kleen®, the industry's first dry-erase urethane upholstery.

Sta-Kleen® Erasable Urethane
Sta-Kleen® is the first polyurethane performance fabric with built-in true resistance to marks and stains that would permanently damage other furniture upholstery. It surpasses all other polyurethane fabrics, faux leathers and vinyl upholstery when it comes to protection against stains. The 100% polyurethane performance fabric has high-end designer appeal, the hand of fine leather, is highly abrasion resistant, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and durable enough to last for the life of the furniture.

The Mitchell Group's faux leather collection also includes ReCast®, a "green" innovation in performance fabrics.

ReCast®, a "Clean" Faux Leather Alternative
ReCast® is a "clean leatherT" that combines a 100% cast polyurethane wear layer with recycled leather granules that are added to the backing fabric to create an exceptional product that looks and feels like genuine top-grain leather. Considered more "green" because it's made with a recycled backing, ReCast® is highly abrasion resistant, making it ideal for seating applications in high traffic areas, such as restaurants and casinos. ReCast® is available in 11 patterns and a wide array of colors, creating endless application possibilities.

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