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Apr 15, 2010

Sta-Kleen® Resists Stains with Proprietary Bonding Technology

Download: Sta-Kleen® Resists Stains with Proprietary Bonding Technology

New Sta-Kleen®, the industry's first erasable urethane upholstery, is a true revolution in faux leather that allows end users to erase penetrating marks and stains that would permanently damage other furniture upholstery. The new performance fabric surpasses all other polyurethane fabrics, faux leathers and vinyl upholstery in stain resistance thanks to a proprietary bonding process that cross-links a stain shield into the dry-erase fabric. Sta-Kleen® is stain resistant for the life of the furniture.

Because Sta-Kleen® performance upholstery can easily be cleaned over and over again without damage to its hand or appearance, facilities managers can reduce maintenance time and expense, and have cleaner, fresher looking interiors. And designers can specify Sta-Kleen® with confidence knowing that stubborn stains like ballpoint pen and permanent marker simply wipe away using nothing more than a clean, dry cloth. Any remaining ghost stain can be easily removed with household rubbing alcohol.

Tough stains like mustard and Betadine® and other topical antiseptics that would permanently stain other urethane upholsteries are wiped away with no compromise to the color or pattern of Sta-Kleen® performance fabric. Day-to-day maintenance is as easy as washing with soap-and-water to remove ordinary dirt and smudges.

Because Sta-Kleen® is bonded to the layers of the urethane fabric, there's no slick or stiff coating necessary to protect the dry-erase upholstery. In fact, Sta-Kleen® is the first faux leather with the hand of fine-grain leather.

Sta-Kleen® products are constructed of a 100% PVC-free urethane formulation, which is better for the environment. It is also anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and sulfide stain resistant. And Sta-Kleen® performance fabrics are highly abrasion resistant, exceeding 100,000 cycles.

As the premier source for superior faux leathers, exotic skins, luxurious solids, and textured performance fabrics, The Mitchell Group supplies the contract market with the finest in lead-free polyurethane and vinyl upholstery for high-traffic applications. The company serves the hospitality, healthcare, office interior, marine and other institutional market segments with Sta-Kleen®, the industry's first truly cleanable urethane upholstery, and other innovative products.

by The Mitchell Group
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