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Nov 09, 2009

Best Home Furnishings Introduces Sta-Kleen® at Las Vegas Home Furnishings Show

Best Home Furnishings is introducing Sta-Kleen®, the first polyurethane performance fabric that enables complete erasing of marks and stains that would permanently damage other furniture upholstery, at this week's Las Vegas Home Furnishings Show.

In coordination with The Mitchell Group, Niles, IL., Best Home Furnishings is introducing the new cleanable and erasable faux leather upholstery for the first time. Marketed by The Mitchell Group, Sta-Kleen® is a new urethane performance fabric with built-in resistance to permanent damage from stains. Troublesome marks like those made by permanent marker, ballpoint pen, yellow mustard, Betadine, and other substances that would stain conventional urethane upholstery forever are erasable on Sta-Kleen®.

Sta-Kleen's® unique cleanability feature is a permanent part of the upholstery and won't wear out, thus protecting furniture for as long as it lasts. Repeated and regular cleanings will not damage or diminish the cleanability of the surface, which is highly abrasion-resistant, easily exceeding 100,000 cycles of the Wyzenbeek Wire Screen abrasion test.

Day-to-day maintenance of Sta-Kleen® is as simple as using a mild soap and water solution to remove ordinary dirt and smudges and drying with a soft, lint-free cloth or towel. Many persistent stains can be dry-erased with a clean cloth. If a ghost stain remains, a little isopropyl alcohol on a cloth or sponge will do the trick. Sta-Kleen® also is sulfide stain-resistant, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial.

"Sta-Kleen® Performance Fabric is a true revolution in urethane faux leather upholstery, made impermeable to stains with a proprietary bonding process," said Bill Fisch, president of The Mitchell Group. "You can dry-erase even the toughest of stains for easy care and longer furniture life."

Fisch said Sta-Kleen® creates new possibilities for the home and commercial furnishings markets with the first polyurethane performance fabric that enhances fashion for designers, adds showroom dazzle for retailers, and brings exceptional convenience to the end user. Sta-Kleen® protects furnishings in high-traffic areas.

"Sta-Kleen® is available in numerous colors, patterns and styles," Fisch said. "The first truly cleanable urethane upholstery has built-in protection that allows for design freedom, with a vast array of soft and supple patterns, and Sta-Kleen® is the first cleanable faux leather with a hand that truly feels like real leather."
by The Mitchell Group
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