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Mitchell Residential Products

The Mitchell Group offers a wide variety of products intended for the residential market. Mitchell’s residential products come in several construction compositions including polyurethane (PU), polyester and vinyl.

Mitchell’s brands of residential faux leather products provide a vast selection of patterns and colors suitable for any residential application including couches, chairs, ottomans, and headboards. Mitchell’s residential brands include:

The ReCast® Collection - A true leather look for less than leather. ReCast has the grain and luster, as well as the soft, supple texture of real leather. It is easier to clean and more resistant to scuffs and scratches than leather. ReCast is available in a large selection of leather-like textures and colors.

The Mitchell Collection - Our most popular designs and patterns in polyurethane, polyester and vinyl assembled with a careful balance of market foresight with an eye for furniture fashion. Virtually every design type and color can be found in this collection.

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