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Sta-Kleen® Care and Cleaning Guide

Sta-Kleen® Performance Fabric is the first erasable urethane fabric that enhances fashion for designers and brings the convenience of easy cleaning to the end user. Moreover, its looks and feels so much like real leather, you'll hardly believe it’s faux. 

Sta-Kleen is the best choice for high-traffic areas where sacrificing beauty for performance simply isn’t an option. Whether you’re choosing fabrics for a living room or a lobby, a restaurant or a casino, a waiting room or a dining room, Sta-Kleen succeeds where style and elegance are as important as withstanding stains and wear.

Cleaning tough stains is a breeze, and Sta-Kleen has staying power – for the life of your furniture. Sta-Kleen is not a topical treatment. It is a permanent application chemically bonded during the manufacturing process. 

Ballpoint pen can be dry erased.  Oil-based stains like butter, salad dressing, sauces, and cosmetics can be easily removed. Topical antiseptics, lotions and creams that would stain conventional urethane upholstery forever are wiped away. Regular cleanings and the removal of difficult stains will not damage nor diminish Sta-Kleen's finish, performance or high-style appeal. 

Day-to-Day Cleaning -- Remove ordinary dirt and smudges with mild soap and water. Dry with a soft, lint-free cloth or towel. The use of conditioners or protectants is not required nor recommended for use on Sta-Kleen upholstery – its cleanability is permanent, and won’t wear out.

Disinfecting -- A 10:1 ratio of water to bleach solution may be used as a disinfectant. Rinse the surface with clean water after disinfecting. Dry with a soft, lint-free cloth or towel. 

Stain Removal -- Upholstery protected with Sta-Kleen is resistant to most common stains. To keep your furniture looking new, stains such as ballpoint pen can be dry-erased with a clean, lint-free cloth. Gently rub the area until the stain has been removed. Wet or gooey stains such as food stains (e.g., ketchup) or topical stains (e.g., antiseptics, lotions and creams) should first be wiped off with a clean cloth or sponge, then follow the instructions above.

Stubborn Stains -- If a ghost stain remains, apply a small amount of household rubbing alcohol (91% isopropyl alcohol) to a clean, lint-free cloth and rub the stain until it has been removed. Rinse with a clean, damp cloth and go!

Chemical Cleaners - Sta-Kleen products are used in many commercial applications. The housekeeping crews often use strong chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.  It is imperative that when these chemical cleaners are used that they are rinsed off with a wet sponge or damp cloth.

Blue Jean Dye Resistance - Sta-Kleen creates an invisible barrier to keep the indigo dye from transferring to the upholstery. However, as there are many types of both natural and synthetic dyes used in coloring clothing, we cannot guarantee there will never be any dye transfer. In the unlikely event that any blue jean dye transfer occurs, follow the Stubborn Stains cleaning instructions above.

DISCLAIMER: This guide addresses the care and cleaning of Sta-Kleen Performance Fabric. The care and cleaning methods covered in the guide will provide the best protection for these products. However, not all stains can be removed, especially if the stains are not addressed immediately. This information does not relieve the user from the responsibility for the correct and safe use of the product and cleaning methods. The Mitchell Group is not responsible for any defect caused by the use of cleaning solutions not included in this guide. In addition, the product warranty will be voided if any other cleaning methods are used on this product. 

This Care and Cleaning Guide supersedes all previous Guides - 10-24-2016.
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