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PFAS Chemical-chain
The Dangers of PFAS Chemicals
The per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been in the news recently. PFAS are considered harmful because they do not break down in the environment, can move through soils and contaminate drinking water sources, and build up (bioaccumulate) in fish and wildlife. Both California and New York legislators are pushing forward proposed legislation that regulates per- PFAS content in textile products. Both states would prohibit the sale of items containing intentionally added PFAS. The Mitchell Group has never had PFAS in any of its products.
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HPD Logo
What is a Health Product Declaration (HPD)?
The Health Product Declaration (HPD) Collaborative is a customer-led, member organization committed to the continuous improvement of the building industry’s environmental and health performance through transparency and innovation.
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An Overview of Polyurethane Fabric
Polyurethane (PU) is a composite material made of: (1) one or more layers of polymer resins joined by urethane links; and (2) a woven or non-woven textile backing such as polyester, cotton, nylon, or ground leather.
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hospital cleaning regimen2
The Effect of Chemical Disinfectants in Healthcare Facilities on Coated Fabrics
Coated fabric upholstery is used throughout healthcare facilities. Often the upholstery is cleaned with harsh chemical cleaners designed for hard surfaces. This has the potential to damage the upholstery.
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Faux Leather Product Specifications and Testing
There are many tests available to establish faux leather’s product performance specifications. However, certain tests are more important when screening a product for a particular application. The basic tests address strength, durability and performance characteristics.
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ca 117-2013
California Flammability Standard for Upholstered Furniture
Under California Senate Bill 1019, passed in 2014, furniture manufactured after January 1, 2015 must clearly state whether flame retardants were added to upholstery materials. The CA SB 1019 specifically applies to “covered products” which means any flexible polyurethane or upholstered or reupholstered furniture sold in California that is required to meet the test requirements set forth in TB 117-2013.
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Polyvinyl Chloride - Vinyl Synthetic Leather
Polyvinyl chloride, better known as PVC or vinyl, is a plastic so versatile it has become completely pervasive in modern society. Vinyl is a prominent coated fabric in the textile industry. Vinyl fabrics are used for furniture upholstery, transportation seating, wall coverings, etc.
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What is Faux Leather?
Faux leather is one of several names given to artificial or synthetic leather. These names are often used to describe specific end uses of synthetic leather products such as faux leather (sofa, chair and headboard upholstery), leatherette (auto upholstery, clothing), and koskin (consumer goods). There are three primary types of faux leather construction: polyurethane (“PU”), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC – “Vinyl”). and silicone.
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Hydrolysis Testing Machine
Hydrolysis Testing Methods
Currently, two tests are considered acceptable to determine the integrity of a PU upholstery product - an ISO test and an ASTM test. Both tests are conducted by placing the PU material in a heat and humidity chamber at 158 degrees Fahrenheit and 95% relative humidity for a period of time.
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UV Light Resistance Testing for Polyurethane and Vinyl Materials
An increasingly important performance value for coated fabrics is ultraviolet (UV) light resistance. It is known that polyurethane and vinyl materials used for both interior and exterior applications are subject to photo-degradation when exposed to ultraviolet light.
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Upholstering with Faux Leather
Tips on upholstering with faux leather including foam, stiching, needles, thread, etc.
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