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Is it real, or is it ReCast?

The ReCast® residential faux leather collection was developed as an alternative to real leather. It looks and feels like genuine top grain leather at a fraction of the cost. ReCast has tremendous physical properties, is easy to clean, and will withstand the abuses of daily life. ReCast residential products include polyurethane and vinyl constructions. The ReCast substrate backing material, a combination of recycled leather and polyester significantly improves physical characteristics. Using recycled leather is also an environmentally sound policy because the leather scrap material would otherwise be sent to the waste stream.

Polyurethane - The ReCast residential polyurethane patterns are a versatile group of products suitable for a variety of applications including headboards, sofas, and chairs. Like all ReCast products these patterns have the grain and supple hand of traditional leather, with strength, durability and ease of maintenance associated with synthetic leather at a price significantly less than leather.

Vinyl - The ReCast vinyl products are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These vinyl products are non-porous and highly cleanable. They are durable and resistant to abrasion. The ReCast products in a vinyl construction have the same great physicals as the residential polyurethanes, as well as the terrific hand and smooth surface feel. These products are intended for those volume customers who are price driven and looking for a residential or retail item at a promotional price point.

ReCast is available in a wide variety of colors ranging from rich earth tones (think deep browns, maroons and tans) to pastels and metallics. ReCast opens up a world of design possibilities in any décor where a real leather look is desired.

Looks Like Leather - ReCast has the grain, luster and hand-rubbed tones of traditional leather.

Feels Like Leather - ReCast has a soft, supple hand that feels like genuine leather.

For Less Than Leather - ReCast is priced significantly less than leather.

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