Mitchell Faux Leather Upholstery Fabrics

The Mitchell Group is the industry authority on performance faux leather upholstery worldwide.  The Mitchell Group offers faux leather for commercial and residential applications, both offering a wide variety of patterns and colors combining fashionable design with technical innovation. Mitchell products are presented in the following collections: 

Sta-Kleen® Performance Fabric - The first, and only, true dry-erase urethane upholstery that wipes out food stains,ink pen, as well as creams and lotions. Sta-Kleen is a permanent part of the upholstery, not a topical application: it will last the lifetime of the upholstery. Sta-Kleen is available in a world of fashion forward patterns and colors.

The ReCast® Collection - ReCast has the grain and luster, as well as the soft, supple texture of real leather -- for less than leather. The commercial patterns have a top coat made from polycarbonate, the strongest available urethane resin. The residential patterns have a top coat made from polyether. The ReCast substrate material is made, in part, from recycled leather particles.

The Grand Slam Collection – A brand new all vinyl product with superior strength and durability that far exceeds industry performance standards. Grand Slam has a vinyl protective coating proven to withstand the disinfectants and chemical cleaners most widely used in commercial environments. This collection does not contain the seven most common phthalates -- It is 7P Free! It is also anti-bacterial, fire retardant, and mildew resistant. The collection consists of fashionable patterns and designer selected colorways.

The Mitchell Collection - Our most popular designs and patterns in both polyurethane and vinyl for commercial and residential applications. The Mitchell Collection has been assembled with a careful balance of market foresight with an eye for furniture fashion. Virtually every design type and color can be found in this collection.

NuLeather- A supreme performance PU made from the highest quality polycarbonate resins, engineered to withstand the most demanding environments. The fabric has the soft hand and luxurious texture heretofore found only in real leather.

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